Following the Resident Meeting…

To: Plum Creek Homeowners and Golf Enthusiasts:

Thanks to many of you who attended our preliminary gathering on June 22nd to outline the goals, and vision, for a plan to improve the golf course through lot sales. The intent of the meeting was to gather feedback, both positive and negative.  We also received feedback from many of you that were not able to attend.

It was important for us to gather community input, before embarking on a formalized plan with the Town for a potential PUD modification. It is better for us to understand the objections, the hurdles, and constraints, BEFORE we would consider the next step—a formal Preliminary Application.

As stated on numerous occasions, and again at the meeting, the owners of Plum Creek are golf operators. We are NOT developers. It has always been our goal to restore great value golf, fix 30 years of neglect on the golf course, and build a sustainable business operating with First Class service levels that are commensurate with our Brand, and what we think the Plum Creek Community deserves. In our opinion, the course was NOT operated this way previously, and we were believers, perhaps too ambitiously…that with some support from the community we could deliver on the commitments for New Clubhouse, New Sprinkler System, and provide for a FOREVER Conservation Easement on the property to protect the open space from Development. We demonstrated our desire for improving the course and the golf experience by committing  100% of any and all net proceeds from lot sales be allocated to these specific improvements. And without continual improvement, we know, as golf owner operators, we will not be running a facility and community offering that is First Class, and representative of our brand.

We are obviously disappointed with the overall response of the community to date and are quite frankly concerned that our plan for being part of this community in a positive way was rejected.  This, we feel, will have long term ramifications and perhaps change the destiny of the club and the community in a negative way.  As operators of quality golf we are keenly aware that there are always tough decisions to be made to keep our courses in their best shape.  We also feel that the newly proposed real estate improvements provided both the needed revenue for improvements to the course as outlined above as well create a new vibrant neighborhood for the Plum Creek Community. 

We greatly appreciate our loyal supporters who frequent our club.  While not all of them are golfers, they still come come in to enjoy our additional services, including The Chop House at Plum Creek, The Plum Creek Bar and Grill, our spacious Business Meeting rooms and our Banquet Facilities with the best views in Castle Rock.  We are also aware that a large majority of our nearly 2500 neighbors, including our most vocal dissenters, have not come to support any of our available options.  As mentioned above, perhaps we too ambitiously counted on the support of our direct neighbors.

We will be assessing our direction for the future and alternative options to include the sale of the golf course and underlying land assets.

Thank you again to our loyal patrons who have supported our effort to resurrect Plum Creek Golf Course from the previous bankruptcies and previous owners pursuing high density development plans.      


Plum Creek Ownership

Memo from Plum Creek Ownership

To Members of the Plum Creek Homeowners Alliance, and others.

My name is Dan Bennett, and I am ONE of multiple members in the ownership group of Plum Creek Golf Course.  I am also co-owner of Bear Dance Golf Club.

This transmittal is NOT intended to sway deep seated opinions, earn support, or try to convince anyone that our proposed plan is a GREAT vision.   Rather, it is merely intended as an open communication aimed directly at misinformation, rumor mill, and untruths that have been relayed to us as owners.

First and foremost, we have NOT submitted an application.   We have engaged an expert in entitlements with extensive experience in Castle Rock (and also long time friend), Art Kleinstein, to work with the town, and gather feedback from each of you.  The City required a Neighborhood meeting on June 22nd for people to come see the plan, understand our goals, and our vision.  Thereafter, community members can relay their input to their council members.  That is the process.  Art’s team received 110 RSVP’s for the meeting.  Far more neighbors appeared.  With that, not every got adequate access to see the proposed vision.  This memo is intended to add clarity.


For surrounding property owners, you can ask “are we providing a better golf experience, better course conditions, better restaurants, and better overall service…than the previous owners?”   We feel strongly the answer is YES.   We can’t argue if having a well run, great value golf course has a positive impact on home values.  Bear Dance recently earned Caggy Awards as the top Colorado Public Golf course, we conjecture the neighbors at Bear Dance think the golf course’s reputation helps values, but that is just OUR opinion.   We also fully understand many of the residents around our operations do NOT golf.   We are NOT developers, we are golf operators.

The efforts to restore Plum Creek Golf Club to greatness generated negative earnings and losses in year one.   Our primary objective, above all else…is to create a sustainable golf operation with GREAT service, and great value—avoiding the fate of the previous owners that failed.   As operators and owners of golf..we are not at all concerned about losing the driving range and still providing for a fantastic golf experience.   We can provide many examples of championship golf courses with no driving range.   And perhaps bigger, the technology within our hitting bay in our NEW facility will rival any of the driving ranges in our competitive set.  It’s a positive trend in golf and the “technology” is helping attract many youth, and new golfers, to the game.   Look no further than the success of Top Golf.

After meeting with the town preliminarily, and after gaining feedback from community groups, we are fully aware that any approvals on our density would be conditioned upon:

  • Our willingness to provide a Long Term Conservation Easement on the golf course, insuring no future development of the golf course—and preserving Open Space.
  • Our commitment to allocate proceeds from sales of approximately 111 lots (NOT 150 lots) to drilling a badly needed water well to maintain course conditions. (est. $400K)
  • Repair and replace a Sprinkler system that is 20 years past its useful life. (est. $2.5-3.0M)
  • Build an entirely new, and efficient, clubhouse with year round hitting bays representative of new technology and lesson methods. (est. $3m)
  • Continue, with community support, the success of the Chop House Restaurant and the Plum Creek Bar and Grill.
  • Allocate continued capital reserves for badly needed repairs to cart paths, entrance portals—and ELIMINATE MANY STEPS. (est. $1M)
  • Provide a new cart Fleet replete with State of the Art GPS technology to help speed of play and overall course experience. (est. $240k)

Clearly, the amount of proceeds generated by our proposed number of lot sales will not cover the required investments in Plum Creek Golf Club.  The balance must be funded by future operation of the golf course while still providing  great value in a highly competitive golf and restaurant market. 

Our final goal is to help you make an informed, and considered, decision based on the facts. We think it is important for community members to be mindful of the historical failures of this property under previous owners that considered very high density development proposals.  As the new owners, we are doing our best to avoid repeating that same history—we do not think the previous bankruptcies were good for surrounding Property values. We encourage you to navigate to the truth, gain understanding….ahead of a formal application submittal to the town.

As promised from Art’s team, here are links from the displays featured at the neighborhood meeting:
Existing Site Plan 6-22-16
PUD 6-22-16
Potential Driving Range Solutions 2016
Pages from Attachment B – Plum Creek Amd. PD
Pages from Attachment C – Plum Creek South
subdivisions 300SC (1)
Process Diagram 6-22-16
Surrounding Density Exhibit 6-22-16
subdivisions 300SC (1)


Dan Bennett
Plum Creek Golf Course

Plum Creek Golf Club Sustainability Outlook

In effort to add clarity to the future operations of Plum Creek Golf Club, we want to convey the following: 

Overview of potential lot sites

Overview of potential lot sites

We are Golf operators.  We own Bear Dance.  We also manage Golf Courses for third party owners. We are not real estate developers.

Seeking approvals at Plum Creek is in effort to avoid the fate (bankruptcy) of the previous owners.

Approvals of minimum density of approximately 110 lots would allow us generate revenue to do the following.  

  • Current Golf ownership is willing to provide for a long term conservation easement that will forever preclude any development of the golf course, insuring a sustainable golf operation for the community and protecting property values.
    30 years of deferred maintence

    30 years of deferred maintenance

  • Restore the golf course to greatness by solving for 30 years of neglect and deferred maintenance
  • Construct a new, more efficient, club house with restaurants appealing to fine dining and fast casual.
  • Drill a well that is needed to water the golf course
  • Repair and invest in the sprinkler system that is 20 years past its current useful life.
  • Repair badly damaged cart paths.
  • Provide for entirely new parking lot, and clubhouse access, on one level, that is ADA compliant.

Without approvals and revenue generated from the process, the aforementioned improvements, requisite for sustained GOLF operations, can not happen.

We are aware two golf operations who have recently failed.  Gleneagles

Pool Area not in operation for 7 years.  Not an amenity for a Daily Fee Golf Course

Pool Area not in operation for 7 years. Not an amenity for a Daily Fee Golf Course

in Colorado Springs is a development where the golf course is completely shut it.  Green Gables in Lakewood is currently being redeveloped into high density housing. 

Our plan is to operate a successful, great value, daily fee golf course. 


Plum Creek Block Party June 11th POSTPONED

This Event has been POSTPONED to a date TBD in late August.  Please stay tuned for a new date announcement. 


Purchase Tickets $30

SATURDAY, JUNE 11th 2016Block Party Image June 27

Event starts at 6pm


PHIL JENSEN  (6pmto 7pm)

Followed by

THE 25 South Band (7pm to 10pm)

Fantastic Food such as:

Baby back ribs, BBQ brisket, Pulled pork, 

Smoked sausages, Mesquite chicken legs , Sweet corn, Roasted baby reds, country  slaw,  Ranch beans, 

Baked Macaroni Three cheese Casserole, corn Bread,

Apple crisp, cinnamon fry bread

Ticket Price includes:
  • Buffet
  • Whisky sampling  stationGloss
  • Hard cider samplers


Cash bar

Purchase tickets online for $30  ($35 at the door)

(must be 21 and over)


Junior Golf Camps at Plum Creek

Plum Creek Golf Club will be hosting 6- Three Day Junior Golf Camps this Spring and Summer.  Please register by completing the REGISTRATION FORM  below or call the Pro Shop at 303-660-2200

junior w instructor$200 per player Limited to 30 Juniors  per Camp   Ages 8-16.  All experience levels encouraged.

2 Hours of Instruction per day: Lunch and Awards included. 

Bryan Flanagan and the Plum Creek Golf Team will be instructing.  Additional Camps will added as needed.

Camp 1: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday    May31, June 1, 2 10am-12

Camp 2: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday June 7, 8, 9 10 am-12

Camp 3: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday July 12, 13, 14 10am-12

Camp 4: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday July 19, 20, 21    10am-12

Camp 5: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday August 9, 10, 11 10am-12

Camp 6: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday    August 23, 24, 25   10am-12

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