Bryan Flanagan uses the newest technology to enhance your golf game and knowledge.

Flight Monitor Technology at Plum Creek Golf Club

Flight Monitor Technology at Plum Creek Golf Club

Improve your game with the V1 Golf Software and the best launch monitor on the market Flightscope X2.  Come take a lesson with Bryan in one of Plum Creek Golf Club’s indoor hitting bays or utilize our vast outdoor practice facility and driving range. 

Call to schedule directly with Bryan at 717-460-7978 or [email protected]. 

Whether you’re looking for pointers to refine your swing or you’re just setting out to learn the game, Bryan has more than twenty years of experience teaching on and off the links. Previously, as a golf instructor and business relations consultant for Executive Golf, Bryan has educated professionals on golf etiquette and the benefits of golf for business purposes as well as leisure and recreation. As a PGA Class ‘A’ member, Bryan has developed an understanding and approach to teaching a simple method to allow students the freedom to play their best golf, whether a beginner or tour player. Bryan designs structured lessons for all ages and skill sets.

Bryans approach to teaching golf is a volume of work over time. All lessons will be recorded and put into a file for each student.  Lessons and data from Flightscope will be emailed to student to allow progress and take home drills to be viewed at your convenience.

Bryan Flanagan Golf Lesson Fees:   

30 Minute Lesson                        $65              $60 without Flightscope

3 – 30 Minute Lesson Package    $165             $145 without Flightscope

5 – 30 Minute Lesson Package    $300            $275 without Flightscope

5 – 30 Minute +1 Playing Lesson (9 holes on Plum Creek in Spring)
                                                           $500           $450 without Flightscope

2 lessons a week for 4 months Jan-April + (2) 9 Hole Playing lesson
                                                          $2200         $1995 without Flightscope

Wedge Gapping 45 Min               $85

Driver Tuning:                               $60
      30 min w Flightscope  

Full Set Evaluation                       $150
      90 min w Flightscope

45- 30 minute Lesson Series April-August
+3 Day Golf School in Tucson, @ AZ National

Contact Bryan Flanagan directly for questions and payment.  717-460-7978