Ashley Brandstater, LPGA

Ashley Brandstater is a Class ‘A’ member of the LPGA. She has found a passion for the game of golf which has given her the desire to teach other people golf and to help them find their excitement in it. Her instruction is based on the philosophy that each person is unique. Ashley takes into consideration the person’s learning style, physical condition, personality, and ability level. Golf is more than just a stance and swing; it is about the whole person, their emotions and their individual goals and dreams. She is open to teaching students at all levels. If you are interested in receiving a lesson she would love to set a time up with you! **Don’t Put your game on “ice” this winter** Improve your game with our indoor winter programs.  We will be using the newest V1 Golf Swing Software and simulators! Come check out our indoor hitting bays.

For more information or to call to schedule a lesson call 303.660.2200 or email [email protected]  

Instruction Fees:  One 30 Minute Lesson $75 Five 30 Minute Lesson Package $300 One lessons a week for 3 months + One 3 Hole Playing lesson $800

**Junior Pricing Is Also Available. Please Call For Information**