To Members of the Plum Creek Homeowners Alliance, and others.

My name is Dan Bennett, and I am ONE of multiple members in the ownership group of Plum Creek Golf Course.  I am also co-owner of Bear Dance Golf Club.

This transmittal is NOT intended to sway deep seated opinions, earn support, or try to convince anyone that our proposed plan is a GREAT vision.   Rather, it is merely intended as an open communication aimed directly at misinformation, rumor mill, and untruths that have been relayed to us as owners.

First and foremost, we have NOT submitted an application.   We have engaged an expert in entitlements with extensive experience in Castle Rock (and also long time friend), Art Kleinstein, to work with the town, and gather feedback from each of you.  The City required a Neighborhood meeting on June 22nd for people to come see the plan, understand our goals, and our vision.  Thereafter, community members can relay their input to their council members.  That is the process.  Art’s team received 110 RSVP’s for the meeting.  Far more neighbors appeared.  With that, not every got adequate access to see the proposed vision.  This memo is intended to add clarity.


For surrounding property owners, you can ask “are we providing a better golf experience, better course conditions, better restaurants, and better overall service…than the previous owners?”   We feel strongly the answer is YES.   We can’t argue if having a well run, great value golf course has a positive impact on home values.  Bear Dance recently earned Caggy Awards as the top Colorado Public Golf course, we conjecture the neighbors at Bear Dance think the golf course’s reputation helps values, but that is just OUR opinion.   We also fully understand many of the residents around our operations do NOT golf.   We are NOT developers, we are golf operators.

The efforts to restore Plum Creek Golf Club to greatness generated negative earnings and losses in year one.   Our primary objective, above all else…is to create a sustainable golf operation with GREAT service, and great value—avoiding the fate of the previous owners that failed.   As operators and owners of golf..we are not at all concerned about losing the driving range and still providing for a fantastic golf experience.   We can provide many examples of championship golf courses with no driving range.   And perhaps bigger, the technology within our hitting bay in our NEW facility will rival any of the driving ranges in our competitive set.  It’s a positive trend in golf and the “technology” is helping attract many youth, and new golfers, to the game.   Look no further than the success of Top Golf.

After meeting with the town preliminarily, and after gaining feedback from community groups, we are fully aware that any approvals on our density would be conditioned upon:

  • Our willingness to provide a Long Term Conservation Easement on the golf course, insuring no future development of the golf course—and preserving Open Space.
  • Our commitment to allocate proceeds from sales of approximately 111 lots (NOT 150 lots) to drilling a badly needed water well to maintain course conditions. (est. $400K)
  • Repair and replace a Sprinkler system that is 20 years past its useful life. (est. $2.5-3.0M)
  • Build an entirely new, and efficient, clubhouse with year round hitting bays representative of new technology and lesson methods. (est. $3m)
  • Continue, with community support, the success of the Chop House Restaurant and the Plum Creek Bar and Grill.
  • Allocate continued capital reserves for badly needed repairs to cart paths, entrance portals—and ELIMINATE MANY STEPS. (est. $1M)
  • Provide a new cart Fleet replete with State of the Art GPS technology to help speed of play and overall course experience. (est. $240k)

Clearly, the amount of proceeds generated by our proposed number of lot sales will not cover the required investments in Plum Creek Golf Club.  The balance must be funded by future operation of the golf course while still providing  great value in a highly competitive golf and restaurant market. 

Our final goal is to help you make an informed, and considered, decision based on the facts. We think it is important for community members to be mindful of the historical failures of this property under previous owners that considered very high density development proposals.  As the new owners, we are doing our best to avoid repeating that same history—we do not think the previous bankruptcies were good for surrounding Property values. We encourage you to navigate to the truth, gain understanding….ahead of a formal application submittal to the town.

As promised from Art’s team, here are links from the displays featured at the neighborhood meeting:
Existing Site Plan 6-22-16
PUD 6-22-16
Potential Driving Range Solutions 2016
Pages from Attachment B – Plum Creek Amd. PD
Pages from Attachment C – Plum Creek South
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Process Diagram 6-22-16
Surrounding Density Exhibit 6-22-16
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Dan Bennett
Plum Creek Golf Course