To: Plum Creek Homeowners and Golf Enthusiasts:

Thanks to many of you who attended our preliminary gathering on June 22nd to outline the goals, and vision, for a plan to improve the golf course through lot sales. The intent of the meeting was to gather feedback, both positive and negative.  We also received feedback from many of you that were not able to attend.

It was important for us to gather community input, before embarking on a formalized plan with the Town for a potential PUD modification. It is better for us to understand the objections, the hurdles, and constraints, BEFORE we would consider the next step—a formal Preliminary Application.

As stated on numerous occasions, and again at the meeting, the owners of Plum Creek are golf operators. We are NOT developers. It has always been our goal to restore great value golf, fix 30 years of neglect on the golf course, and build a sustainable business operating with First Class service levels that are commensurate with our Brand, and what we think the Plum Creek Community deserves. In our opinion, the course was NOT operated this way previously, and we were believers, perhaps too ambitiously…that with some support from the community we could deliver on the commitments for New Clubhouse, New Sprinkler System, and provide for a FOREVER Conservation Easement on the property to protect the open space from Development. We demonstrated our desire for improving the course and the golf experience by committing  100% of any and all net proceeds from lot sales be allocated to these specific improvements. And without continual improvement, we know, as golf owner operators, we will not be running a facility and community offering that is First Class, and representative of our brand.

We are obviously disappointed with the overall response of the community to date and are quite frankly concerned that our plan for being part of this community in a positive way was rejected.  This, we feel, will have long term ramifications and perhaps change the destiny of the club and the community in a negative way.  As operators of quality golf we are keenly aware that there are always tough decisions to be made to keep our courses in their best shape.  We also feel that the newly proposed real estate improvements provided both the needed revenue for improvements to the course as outlined above as well create a new vibrant neighborhood for the Plum Creek Community. 

We greatly appreciate our loyal supporters who frequent our club.  While not all of them are golfers, they still come come in to enjoy our additional services, including The Chop House at Plum Creek, The Plum Creek Bar and Grill, our spacious Business Meeting rooms and our Banquet Facilities with the best views in Castle Rock.  We are also aware that a large majority of our nearly 2500 neighbors, including our most vocal dissenters, have not come to support any of our available options.  As mentioned above, perhaps we too ambitiously counted on the support of our direct neighbors.

We will be assessing our direction for the future and alternative options to include the sale of the golf course and underlying land assets.

Thank you again to our loyal patrons who have supported our effort to resurrect Plum Creek Golf Course from the previous bankruptcies and previous owners pursuing high density development plans.      


Plum Creek Ownership