In effort to add clarity to the future operations of Plum Creek Golf Club, we want to convey the following: 

Overview of potential lot sites

Overview of potential lot sites

We are Golf operators.  We own Bear Dance.  We also manage Golf Courses for third party owners. We are not real estate developers.

Seeking approvals at Plum Creek is in effort to avoid the fate (bankruptcy) of the previous owners.

Approvals of minimum density of approximately 110 lots would allow us generate revenue to do the following.  

  • Current Golf ownership is willing to provide for a long term conservation easement that will forever preclude any development of the golf course, insuring a sustainable golf operation for the community and protecting property values.
    30 years of deferred maintence

    30 years of deferred maintenance

  • Restore the golf course to greatness by solving for 30 years of neglect and deferred maintenance
  • Construct a new, more efficient, club house with restaurants appealing to fine dining and fast casual.
  • Drill a well that is needed to water the golf course
  • Repair and invest in the sprinkler system that is 20 years past its current useful life.
  • Repair badly damaged cart paths.
  • Provide for entirely new parking lot, and clubhouse access, on one level, that is ADA compliant.

Without approvals and revenue generated from the process, the aforementioned improvements, requisite for sustained GOLF operations, can not happen.

We are aware two golf operations who have recently failed.  Gleneagles

Pool Area not in operation for 7 years.  Not an amenity for a Daily Fee Golf Course

Pool Area not in operation for 7 years. Not an amenity for a Daily Fee Golf Course

in Colorado Springs is a development where the golf course is completely shut it.  Green Gables in Lakewood is currently being redeveloped into high density housing. 

Our plan is to operate a successful, great value, daily fee golf course.