Members of the Plum Creek Community:


The ownership group of Plum Creek Golf Club have recently completed an auction process for the golf course and all underlying land assets.  Through the process, we learned: 

  • The buying interest is primarily from home builders and few have interest in maintaining or operating the golf course.  
  • The value, to most buyers, is in achieving density development.

As many of you recall, we presented a “Golf Course Improvement Plan” in March of 2016.  While there were some loud detractors of the initiative, there were many in the community that supported the plan for a long term conservation easement on the golf course in exchange for some considered density development in and around the current clubhouse.

It will be our plan to present a Best and Final Improvement Plan to the community BEFORE divesting of our ownership of the golf course.  It has always been our goal to achieve first class playing conditions, while maintaining a great value proposition for golf.    It also remains our goal to provide multiple dining options that are representative of our dining brand.   To do this, we need to sell some of our land adjacent to the golf course. We will commit that 100% of the proceeds from the development will go to clubhouse and golf course renovations that are desperately needed. Most notably, we are not able to complete a badly needed water well which will protect our asset (the golf course) and update a sprinkler system that is 15 years past its useful life.

We hope that those that support the long term vision of the Plum Creek Community, and those that hope to keep a high-end golf course within the Community, will voice their support for what we think is a highly considered, neighborly plan that is NOT dense and falls well within the existing Community density plan.

We will be presenting a best and final plan to the town in the coming weeks.


Plum Creek Ownership